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We've done our research. There are lots of good candidates running for the U.S. Senate and House, but we want to be focused and strategic. All six of our candidates support progressive values: expanding access to affordable healthcare; good education and economic equity for all; reproductive rights for women; environmental protections; LGBTQ rights; immigration reform.

For the House, we're sticking with our 2018 southern California flips. Our 3 picks are the candidates who most need our money to win: Rep. Harley Rouda (CA-48), Rep. Gil Cisneros (CA-39), Christy Smith (CA-25).

FLIPPING THE U.S. Senate is essential. Our criteria are: (1) the race is truly winnable; (2) the candidate needs our money to win; (3) the race is vital to flipping the Senate and/or the state is in play for Biden/Harris.  Our picks are: NC: Cal Cunningham; IA: Theresa Greenfield; MT: Steve Bullock.


Cal Cunningham is a North Carolina small-town US Army vet, former environmental lawyer, and state legislator who faces an expensive race to beat Thom Tillis, an ardent Trumpist. Tillis voted to repeal the ACA and is funded by Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Banks. Tillis has also notoriously assigned blame to the Latinx community for the spread of COVID-19.
Bonus: A win will boost the Biden/Harris ticket in this top-tier battleground state!

Theresa Greenfield, an Iowa farmer's daughter, is running to unseat GOP incumbent, Joni Ernst.  When her husband, a union electrical worker, was killed, Social Security survivor and union benefits enabled Theresa to care for her young family. Preserving Social Security is now the centerpiece of her campaign. Joni Ernst’s goal is to privatize Social Security and roll back the New Deal. She’s a rubberstamp for Mitch McConnell’s agenda.
Bonus: An IA Senate flip will also advance a Biden/Harris win in Iowa!

Montana Governor Steve Bullock was a union-side labor lawyer who led successful campaigns to raise the minimum wage, pass Medicaid expansion, and protect net neutrality. As Attorney General, he worked to end corruption in politics and protect Montanans' access to public lands. His opponent, Sen. Steve Daines, a Trump cheerleader, has voted repeatedly to repeal the ACA and has the support of insurance and corporate PACS.


Rep. Harley Rouda (CA-48) is a businessman in a tough race. In 2018, he wrested this beautiful coastal Orange County seat from Rightwing oddball and 30-year incumbent, Dana Rohrabacher, by winning independents and moderate Republicans in a conservative district (R+4). The Reps are pouring in money to retake this district. Harley is a great fit for this environmental, libertarian district and has earned the distinction of being the most legislatively productive freshman member of the House.

Rep. Gil Cisneros' CA-39 is a diverse district with a large immigrant population that crosses LA, OC, and San Bernardino Counties. A grandson of farmworkers, Gil was a highly decorated Naval Officer, serving for ten years. He was the last of So CA's five flips in 2018, winning a tight race in a purple district held by the GOP for most of the past four decades. He's facing the same opponent and a revved up Rep Party hellbent on retaking the seat.

Assembly Member Christy Smith is running to take back the CA-25 seat lost in the May special election. This seat had been held by Republicans since 1993 before Katie Hill flipped it in 2018 by 8%. Christy has had a stellar career in education, serving both on a  local school board and in the Clinton administration’s Department of Education. To win back this seat, she must reach the Antelope Valley "occasional" voters kept home in May, hard-hit by COVID-19, but who generally turn out for Presidential races. To tell her story to those voters who don't yet know her, she needs our support!