Team T.O. Resist And Rise...

has over 800 members engaged in advancing democracy, actively working to send a blue wave of Democrats to Washington in the November 2020 election.

Our Origin Story.

Starting in 2016 as a group of 162 volunteers (Team TO), organized by longtime LA progressive activist Torie Osborn, we canvassed in Las Vegas for Hillary Clinton during Get Out The Vote week. Then, in early 2017, inspired by The Women’s March and the Muslim Ban protests, we joined thousands of other “resistance” groups that popped up to oppose Trumpism – and morphed into Team TO Resist & Rise.

We committed to regular monthly meetings to inform, train, and inspire our members, and are proud to have stayed strong, together, and active, building a “beloved community” of 800, with 150 active regular members. We’ve sustained our community by focusing on the positive, promoting self-care, and committing to ACTION!

What TTRR Does.

We believe action is the only antidote to political despair and rage. We do CANVASSING and grassroots FUNDRAISING. Starting in March, 2017, leading to the midterm election, we knocked on 40,000 doors in two flippable House districts, helping elect Harley Rouda and Katie Hill to Congress. Although COVID has put canvassing on hold, we continue to phonebank for Rep. Rouda (CA-48) and work to elect Assemblymember Christy Smith to flip CA-25.

TTRR does remarkable grassroots FUNDRAISING through our MAKING WAVES FOR DEMOCRACY events. Before our final event on July 4th 2020, our first five $50 events have raised over $770,000 from 2017 to 2020 – for candidates for two House seats, for Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly, and for Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37)’s Sea Change Leadership PAC that mobilizes youth, immigrants, and people of color to vote.  Our Making Waves for Democracy event on July 4th, 2020 supports youth voter outreach by BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT and is on track to raise over $700,000 – a record for a $50 event

The Future.

Despite COVID-19, we will work to mobilize our volunteers to hold the House, flip the Senate and White House, and fight for fairness in California. We partner with our “Resister" Siblings:,,,, and We are all part of the many droplets in the Big Blue Wave!